June Summary

We’d like to share some key updates from June with you, and as always, if you have any further questions then please do not hesitate to get in touch for further clarity.

IronMarket App

  • New mobile ‘add’ capability:
    As clients, you can now add items via your mobile device (phone, tablet) with ease, ensuring your financial life is always kept up to date wherever you are. Great for adding those documents you can never find when you need them such as car or house insurance paperwork.

  • Document ‘sharing’:
    To support the above, clients also have the option to scan and upload documents straight to the app and link them to an item, making sure your advisor is always in the know. For example a pension statement or end of a fixed rate ISA.

As these new features become operational we will send out more details.

Investment Management Update

Please click here to view our ‘Q2 Market Commentary’, including an outlook for the rest of the year and beyond from our Investment Management team.

In summary and more specifically, our portfolios have performed admirably, again outperforming their sectors & peer groups.

Making the Calls

We’d like to bring your attention to one piece of manager intervention in particular, however.

We made what was considered a contrarian call at the start of the year (its only in the last few weeks that some of the world’s largest analysts have followed suit)  in terms of dropping Neil Woodford’s Equity Income Fund from our portfolios.

We then chose a fund with a mandate more akin to our innovative and contrarian view,  for a replacement UK exposure.

See below the relative performance of both funds year to date 2018:‍

Comparison of First Trust and Woodford Q1 + Q2 2018

As you can see there is almost a 12% difference in year to date performance without adjusting the risk profile of the portfolios.

This may not always be the case but hopefully goes some way to demonstrating how we proactively manage your investments with us and are prepared to make the big decisions when we feel it’s right for our clients.

Local Support

If you’ve driven past our billboard on Barracks Rd during June and took a snap or seen our article in ‘The Sentinel’ newspaper and tweeted about it then thank you! We’re always blown away with the support from the Stoke community.

We will also be on all gov radio, i.e. local sport and shopping complexes, trying to spread the word. If you hear it then tag us on social media to let us know you’re tuned in.


  • We have our first Charity Golf day on August 20th with all proceeds going to the Cancer Centre at UHNM Stoke – Please feel free to spread the word if you are a golfer or know any golfers.

  • In next month’s newsletter, we will explain more about our Sentinel article and what it means.

  • We are working on an innovative ‘recommend a friend’ incentive and we will announce more over the coming months.

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