Introducing Steve Burns – Head of IronMarket Risk Management

Back in December 2019 Stephen Burns took the biggest step of his career leaving a large corporate group where he had spent 14 years progressing his career and developing his knowledge and expertise within the insurance industry and embarked on setting up his own Independent Insurance Broker with the support of IronMarket and in particular our Managing Partner Wes Wilkes.

Fast forward 6 months to June 1st and IronMarket Risk Management was born. “Although it’s never the perfect time to take a big risk like starting a business but doing so during a global pandemic certainly felt less than ideal. That said, I wouldn’t have it any other way! – it has highlighted the true value of a service provider such as ourselves in the time of need and the importance of ensuring that you have insurance cover that is tailored specifically to your business needs rather than striving for the cheapest option.”

For business owner’s risks present themselves at every corner, from minor disruptions to major outages, being unprepared can not only affect a business – but ruin it. However, with Steve’s experience, knowledge, and insight he is able to proactively remedy these risks to ensure clients business’ continue to thrive – even if the worst happens.

IronMarket’s Managing Partner Wes comments ‘Our client’s financial wellbeing is central to our existing client services. So, our risk management service complements this by giving client’s even better security and peace of mind. In truth, we’ve known that this arm to our well-established services has been required for some time. Our clients have wanted it – and clients trust our expertise in getting it right. Therefore, we’ve taken their demand onboard and Steve will bring the very best service to our clients – he’s also been a great fit for our team and culture at IronMarket so it’s great to have him onboard’.

IronMarket Risk Management services work by delving deep into your business to understand it from every angle. From your industry landscape to the small details that are more personal to you as a business owner or key shareholder, we tailor all insurance solutions, so as a business owner you have all risks considered – and covered.


How can IronMarket Risk Management help you as a business owner?


  • We will get to know you and your business in detail
  • Establish the risks your business faces – and what insurance you’ll need
  • Discover the most competitive business insurance rates in the market
  • Ensure you’re adequately protected – paying no more than you need to
  • Remove the hassle of searching for multiple business insurance policies – and not knowing if they’re right
  • Work alongside you as your business evolves, grows and changes – so you don’t need to worry as we’ll keep you up-to-date and fully protected

The types of protection we can offer you and your business is endless, but some examples include:

  • Property Insurance
  • Motor Insurance
  • Liabilities
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Commercial Business Insurance


Can I help you protect your business from risk?


“As a highly-experienced professional in business insurance, taking care of your business is my priority. Working with the latest in brokerage technology and a wide network of insurers, I can help you achieve ultimate peace of mind when it comes to insuring your business.”

If you have any questions about your business insurance and would like to speak to Steve don’t hesitate to get in touch he’ll be glad to answer any questions.


Direct line: 01782 461463

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