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Creating a plan and structuring your finances in the most tax-efficient way to make sure that your money is working as hard as you.
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Pension expertise

It pays to make the most of the Government’s allowances and tax relief for pension contributions.
Net Salary Contribution £200 Employer Contribution £100
This Month's Tax Relief £50 Total Pension Contribution £350

We can assist with:

  • Establishing how much you can afford to pay into your pension
  • How to make tax efficient pension contributions through your company
  • Check you are making the most of your annual and lifetime allowances
  • Utilising your pension to buy commercial property to save tax and taking loans to fund expansion
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Business protection

Like all business owners and entrepreneurs, your finances will be complex. At IronMarket we focus on delivering our business clients with complete financial wellbeing that allows them to focus on that which matters most, running a successful business.
Key persons Insurance
Shareholder Protection
Loan repayment insurance
key persons insurance

Key Persons Insurance

Whether a director, manager, chairman or anyone without whom the business would suffer is classed as a 'key person' and thus the protection is designed to allow a company to protect the business in the event that a 'key' employee being unable to work or if they died.

Shareholder Protection

Shareholder protection insurance is designed to protect the business against the risk of exposure to unwanted outside involvement should a key shareholder die, become critically or terminally ill. alongside a cross-option agreement between the shareholders, which sets out the steps taken if a shareholder passes away, It facilitates the sale of their shares to the other shareholders and the insurance provides the funds they need to purchase them from deceased or seriously ill shareholder.

Loan repayment insurance

Business loan or mortgage repayment insurance is designed to help your business cope with the unexpected, death of the business owner or key director as this can have serious consequences for a company carrying debt. It is just a part of sensible financial planning to maintain stability within a business.
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Workplace Pension expertise

We take care of everything, from auto-enrolment schemes, tax benefits, investment options, and personal pension schemes to giving your employees expert financial advice. It’s all part of the financial wellbeing ideals that we believe everyone should enjoy.

We have a dedicated business team who will put you, your company, and your employees’ interests first. Not only will you be removing the hassle and responsibility from your HR team, but you’ll also be giving your employee’s the security of a professionally managed pension scheme.
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Gold Standard

Achieving The Pension Transfer Gold Standard gives you peace of mind that we will give pension transfer advice that adheres to high professional standards. In addition to the standard financial advice rules and regulations, we, as a Pension Transfer Gold Standard firm, also commit to key principles.

For more information download the ‘Consumer Guide to the Gold Standard’
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